After 40 years of enjoyment by family and friends, JAK Seasoning emerges from the rural Midwest to satisfy food lovers everywhere!

We come from 3 generations of Midwest cooking where we learned from great grandmother the secret combination of spices that create JAK seasoning for chicken. Back then, the family would grow the vegetables, dry them, and muddle the ingredients to create the flavor. Over the years we perfected a consistent authentic Midwest flavor.

As you know, chicken can be bland. Cooks use too much or too little spice, which is why restaurants leave it flavorless, and simply provide dipping sauces. “Seasonings” for chicken are in high demand but many are too salty or too exotic. JAK Seasoning captures the perfect American blend of spices for an authentic rural Midwest taste. The seasoning works for baked, fried, deep fried, and roasted cooking styles. Use the chicken drippings with crust, and viola, Midwest white chicken gravy!

This family owned seasoning works on other meats, especially steak, and vegetables too. Now that the secret is out, we are learning this Midwest flavor jazzes up lettuce salads, tuna salad, buttered noodles, even Bloody Mary’s!

JAK Seasoning comes in pre-measured bottles with instructions for easy application.  Each bottle has a shaker lid, so you can use the amount to taste. It is potent. We like to say, shake once for flavor, twice for extreme and three shakes you’re crazy! Order on-line or contact us for a free sample so you can try this amazing new flavor.